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Jack Tawil, Annapolis PsychotherapyJack Tawil, LCSW-C

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Choosing someone to work with is an important decision given the time, money, and emotional commitment involved. You want to feel comfortable with your therapist – that they are warm, compassionate, and understanding. You also want to know that he/she will be able to challenge you in appropriate ways to help you through your struggles.

I am here to genuinely help. No stranger to adversity in my own life,  I find it incredibly rewarding to help others work through their own difficulties. It is often said in my field, “you can only take a client as far as you have gone yourself”. I find this to be great wisdom. The most effective therapists are usually those who have thad the courage and honestly to face their own struggles.

Background and Training

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (MD License # 13725), I have worked in private practice, have served as a Clinical Affiliate at George Washington University Counseling Center, and have held various posts at outpatient mental health clinics in the DC/Balimtore Region. I currently serve on the faculty of the Intensive Short Term Psychotherapy Program (ISTDP) at The Washington School of Psychiatry.

I hold a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from the University of Maryland, College Park. I hold a Master of Social Work Degree from Catholic University and a Master of Science Degree from Central Washington University. I have completed eight years of Post Graduate Training in psychotherapy at the Washington School of Psychiatry.


My work is committed to helping individuals overcome the suffering caused by depression and anxiety. The journey to feeling better is not necessarily easy, but with commitment and courage from both of us, it is possible. Please feel free to contact me to learn more. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Annapolis Psychotherapy, Jack tawil, Depression Anxiety Counseling

“When I knew better, I did better”

~ Maya Angelo